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Considering a career in finance? Learn why Battery Ventures could be the right firm for you
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    Battery Ventures Overview

    Battery Ventures is a global technology-focused investment firm with headquarters in Boston, MA and additional offices in San Francisco, Menlo Park, Tel Aviv, London, and New York City.

    The core focus areas of the firm are:

    • Application Software
    • Infrastructure Software
    • Consumer
    • Industrial Tech + Life Science Tools

    Battery Ventures practices a research-focused approach in investing and regularly makes early, growth, and buyout investments in the same tech sector.

    Rick Frisbie, Howard Anderson and Bob Barrett founded Battery Ventures in 1983.

    As of 2023, the firm is currently investing from their 14th flagship fund called Battery Ventures XIV, along with a supplementary fund named Select Fund II. When combined, these funds create a total capital of $3.8 billion.

    Battery Ventures Logo

    Battery Ventures AUM

    Battery Ventures manages $17.8 billion of assets as of March 31, 2022 according to most recent regulatory filings.

    Battery Ventures Interview Process & Questions

    The interview process can vary for each candidate based on the firm’s decision. However, if you interview at Battery Ventures or similar firms, you’ll find some consistencies in the general nature of their interview process.

    • You’ll go through 4 to 6 rounds of interviews.
    • The HR team or junior investment professionals will supervise the initial interviews, while the more senior staff conduct the later rounds.
    • Entire process could take up to several weeks, unless it’s “on-cycle” or “on-campus” recruiting.

    When you interview at Battery Ventures, prepare to answer fit questions, behavioral questions, and technical / investing questions.

    If you need more expert tips, in-depth lessons, and frameworks to help you better prepare for interviews, check out my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Why Battery Ventures

    Interviewers almost always ask the question “Why this firm?”

    This is a common and important question because they like to know if you have solid reasons why you specifically want to work at their firm.

    If you’ve done networking, grab this opportunity to mention whoever you’ve met and how they’ve made a really amazing impression on you.

    To come up with a more impressive and relevant answer, one thing you can do is to listen to interviews with the firm’s founders, investors, and key personnels.

    Check out this interview with Bill Binch, operating partner at Battery Ventures’ San Francisco office:

    More interviews

    Battery Ventures Case Study

    Ideal candidates at firms like Battery Ventures need to have sufficient technical knowledge and good communication skills. Firms use case studies to evaluate these two attributes.

    Most case studies dive deep on investment recommendations and financial modeling. However, junior roles are often required to perform a cold calling case study as well.

    For in-depth lessons on case studies, check out my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Battery Ventures Salary & Compensation

    Compensation for investment professionals at Battery Ventures are quite competitive. According to Glassdoor, you can receive an estimated total pay of $110,933 per year if you’re an Analyst and $118,412 per year if you’re an Associate at the firm.

    These figures represent the median, and can still vary depending on your level of experience and qualifications.


    Battery Ventures Salary


    Battery Ventures Salary

    Recent associates at Battery Ventures have earned $120,411 per year based on other publicly available data, while there is no recent information for analyst hires.

    Battery Ventures Salary

    Battery Ventures Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    To find open roles at Battery Ventures, head over to our job board which also features job vacancies at similar firms.

    Battery Ventures Portfolio & Investments

    Battery Ventures has already made 837 investments since inception and operates 16 funds. Some of their notable deals include Avrios, Cheq, and DataBricks.

    Notable Transaction: Arize AI

    Machine learning is the backbone of modern technology and powers AI systems.

    But these systems are very complicated, and many ML practitioners lack the right tools or telemetry to understand why or how their creations work.

    Arize AI was created to address this issue.

    This Machine Learning Observability platform allows ML teams to quickly detect issues, troubleshoot, and improve their overall model performance across both structured and unstructured data.

    Battery Ventures saw Arize AI’s growth potential which compelled the investment firm to lead a Series A funding round for Arize AI. 

    The fundraising event raised a total of $19 million for Arize AI which was allocated for product development, industry expansion, and team development.

    Next Steps

    If you’re passionate about technology, software services, and innovation, Battery Ventures could be the perfect firm for you. One great resource you can use to maximize your chances of landing a role at the firm is my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

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