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    Griffin Gaming Partners Overview

    Griffin Gaming Partners is a premier venture capital firm dedicated exclusively to investing in the global gaming market.

    Established in 2019 and headquartered in Santa Monica, CA, Griffin was founded by industry veterans Peter Levin, Phil Sanderson, and Nick Tuosto.

    The firm is known for its founder-friendly approach, deeply valuing the gaming industry and leveraging decades of investment, advisory, and operational experience.

    Griffin Gaming Partners targets investments at the intersection of content, social platforms, and software infrastructure, supporting gaming startups at all stages from Pre-Seed to Pre-IPO. 

    Their portfolio includes developers, publishers, software and infrastructure providers, Web3 gaming, and platform companies.

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    Griffin Gaming Partners AUM

    According to the official site of Griffin Gaming Partners, the firm has over $1 billion in assets under management.

    Griffin Gaming Partners Interview Process & Questions

    Firms often tailor their interview processes for each candidate, but if you’re interviewing at Griffin Gaming Partners (or a similar firm), here’s a general outline of what to expect:

    • Typically, 4-6 interview rounds.
    • Initial interviews are usually conducted by junior investment professionals or the HR team, while senior team members handle the later rounds.
    • The entire process generally spans several weeks unless it coincides with “on-cycle” or “on-campus” recruiting.

    Interviews at Griffin Gaming Partners will include a mix of fit questions, behavioral questions, and technical/investing questions.

    For interview preparation, consider using my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Why Griffin Gaming Partners

    “Why this firm?” is one of the most common and critical interview questions.

    If you’ve networked with people at the firm, this is an excellent opportunity to mention those connections and how they positively influenced your perception of the company.

    In addition, thoroughly researching the firm before your interview is essential. One of the most effective ways to gain insights is by listening to interviews with the firm’s founders or investors.

    For example, here’s an interview with Phil Sanderson, Managing Director & Co-Founder at Griffin Gaming Partners:

    YouTube video

    More Interviews

    Griffin Gaming Partners Case Study

    Interviewees typically encounter a case study during interviews, as they help firms evaluate your technical expertise and communication skills.

    At firms like Griffin Gaming Partners, case studies generally emphasize financial modeling and investment recommendations. For junior roles, you might also be required to complete a cold calling case study.

    Check out our Growth Equity Interview Guide if you want help preparing for case studies.

    Griffin Gaming Partners Salary & Compensation

    Recent salary data for analyst and associate hires at Griffin Gaming Partners is not available as of writing. However, Salary.com estimates that the average annual salary for Griffin Gaming Partners employees is approximately $98,582. Those in the top 75th percentile earn over $111,538.

    Individual salaries vary based on factors such as job role, department, location, and the employee’s education, certifications, and additional skills.

    Griffin Gaming Partners Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    For current job openings at Griffin Gaming Partners and similar firms, please visit our job board where we feature investing roles at top growth and VC firms.

    Griffin Gaming Partners Portfolio & Investments

    According to Crunchbase, Griffin Gaming Partners has made 57 investments across three funds. Some of their notable deals include Harmony Games, Second Dinner Studios, and Million Victories.

    Notable Transaction: ForthStar

    On January 22, 2024, Griffin Gaming Partners, a prominent gaming-focused venture capital firm, completed a significant investment transaction represented by Fenwick.

    This transaction involved Griffin Gaming Partners leading a $10 million financing round for ForthStar, a video games developer and publisher based in Manchester, UK.

    ForthStar is recognized for its commitment to creating exceptional, mass-appeal games with highly engaging core mechanics that aim to captivate players and become integral to their daily entertainment experiences.

    The funds secured from this investment will bolster ForthStar’s efforts in advancing the development of their upcoming game.

    Next Steps

    If you’re enthusiastic about the gaming industry, Griffin Gaming Partners offers an excellent opportunity to advance your career in investing. To improve your chances with them, I recommend checking out my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

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