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New York, NY, USA
Posted on May 28, 2024

Alpine Investors is seeking a VP, Demand Generation to lead the demand generation strategy across Alpine’s portfolio in partnership with the Atlas function of Alpine Operations Group (AOG). This role, reporting to Erin Ruck (Principal, GTM), assumes responsibility for delivering a standardized Demand Generation program that drives significant, lasting impact across our portfolio companies. Broadly, the VP, will drive demand generation excellence in Alpine’s portfolio to protect and create equity value through driving improvement of qualified lead volume or pipeline. Key outcomes + responsibilities include:

Develop and execute Alpine’s standardized Demand Generation Program: Develop + lead the demand generation strategy across Alpine’s portfolio. Recommend both strategic and operational enhancements to scale Alpine portfolio companies.

  • Define and communicate a clear standard of excellence for demand generation aimed at improving qualified lead volume or pipeline, considering individual business contexts while ensuring scalability. Collaborate with cross-functional teams to integrate demand generation initiatives into overall business strategies and objectives.
  • Document processes and procedures to ensure replicability and scalability, enabling seamless execution in the absence of key personnel. Establish key performance indicators (KPIs) to assess the Demand Gen “health” of Alpine companies.
  • Maintain and refine a clear product catalogue with defined offerings and expected outcomes that demonstrate the success of the demand generation practice. Develop and implement comprehensive templates, examples, decks, and one-pagers focused on high-impact content that drives meaningful results.

Engagement delivery: Support the portfolio through hands-on engagements and fractional leadership where necessary.

  • Work closely with portfolio companies to understand their unique challenges and opportunities. Develop customized demand generation plans tailored to each company’s needs and goals, focusing on driving significant, lasting impact. Monitor and track key performance indicators (KPIs) to identify and avoid backslide when engagements end.
  • Serve as a go-to demand generation expert across the Alpine ecosystem, delivering high-impact, business-oriented consulting tailored to bespoke company needs.
  • Assess existing demand generation talent within portfolio companies and provide recommendations for hiring or top-grading to achieve program goals, actively participating in the hiring process and ensuring newly hired individuals achieve ‘A-player’ ratings.

GTM team playerContribute to building a best-in-class GTM Practice at Alpine.

  • Operate in lockstep with GTM team standards and processes to ensure alignment from company leadership, board, and AOG leadership, and set every engagement up for success.
  • During discovery, partner with relevant GTM team members for thorough planning, and then recommend an effectively sequenced, comprehensive plan to drive successful attainment of company exit revenue and EBITDA goals.


  • 8+ years of experience in demand generation, with leadership roles in complex environments
  • In-depth knowledge of designing + implementing scalable demand generation strategies, best practices, and frameworks across a variety of relevant contexts
  • Proven track record of building and executing world-class demand generation programs
  • Excellent written and verbal communication, presentation, and listening skills
  • Alignment with Alpine’s core values


  • Set Clear Standards: Develop a scalable standard of excellence considerate of individual business needs
  • Visionary Leadership: Articulate a vision aligned with organizational goals, inspiring commitment from stakeholders
  • Prioritization Skills: Proficient in prioritizing projects based on data, business initiatives, and other relevant factors
  • Strong Communication: Communicate effectively with stakeholders at all levels, tailoring messages appropriately
  • Strategic Thinking: Develop long-term strategies aligned with organizational goals
  • Results Orientation: Deliver results within tight timelines and maintain high standards of excellence
  • Problem-Solving: Identify security issues and develop effective solutions
  • Resilience and Ethical Conduct: Remain calm under pressure, uphold high ethical standards
  • Continuous Learning: Commitment to staying updated on industry trends
  • Collaboration: Work effectively with internal teams, external partners, and industry peers


  • Competitive compensation and bonus
  • Flexible time off
  • Full medical, dental and vision coverage
  • 401k matching
  • PeopleFirst Culture
  • Events and activities both team-based and company-wide that inspire, educate, and cultivate


  • 3+ days in office per week; semi-regular travel to various locations as required.


Alpine Investors (“Alpine”) is a San Francisco, New York City, and Salt Lake City-based private equity firm that is completely reimagining the private equity space. With $16B in assets under management across nine flagship funds and an established track record of strong performance (most recent fund of $4.5B), Alpine continues to demonstrate that pursuing and investing in passionate individuals is the key driver in building enduring companies and delivering market-leading returns.

Alpine is proud to be recognized as a UNPRI certified business, B-Corporation organization, Great Place to Work™, and Inc. Top Founder Friendly firm. The Alpine team believes in hiring for attributes over experience and our team includes 150+ professionals with diverse investing, operations, management, and finance backgrounds. Learn more by visiting our website.


At Alpine, we believe a focus on diversity, equity, and inclusion (“DEI”) is integral to hiring exceptional people and creating enduring businesses. To inspire growth at our firm and throughout our portfolio, we strive to create an organization where every individual is celebrated, heard, valued, and empowered to reach their full potential. These beliefs and actions are true to Alpine’s PeopleFirst philosophy, which is rooted in how we invest, hire, and show up day in and day out.

We will continuously look for ways to improve and evolve in our ever-changing world and we are committed to ensuring Alpine is one of the best places to work for all by creating diverse teams, strengthening our culture of inclusion, and giving everyone an equitable opportunity to succeed. To learn more about our DEI work, please read our Force For Good Report.


The annualized base pay range for this role is expected to be between $250,000-300,000. Actual base pay could vary based on factors including but not limited to experience, subject matter expertise, and the applicant’s skill set. The base pay is just one component of the total compensation package for employees. Other rewards may include an annual cash bonus and a comprehensive benefits package.

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