Intro to growth

Chapter kickoff

Growth investing and growth equity can be confusing terms these days. Is growth equity the same as “private equity”? How does it overlap with “VC”? This confusion has only gotten worse recently, as many kinds of firms have moved into the growth space. That’s why, in this chapter, we’ll aim to level set on our …

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3. How growth investors make money

FAQ: What IRR do growth investors target? This can vary by fund, but more importantly by time period and macro environment. For instance, when interest rates are low, growth funds tend to achieve higher returns. And vice versa. That said, most funds underwrite deals to a 25% IRR or above.

2. Growth vs. VC & buyout

FAQ: How do I assess a “good” market, management, or business model? This is covered in a later section: What makes a good growth investment?

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