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Chapter kickoff

You might ask: “what do LBO models have to do with growth investing?” Well, LBO models are really just financial models with detailed debt schedules. While the debt schedule isn’t as impactful in growth investing deals, the rest of the model still serves as the foundation for a growth model. Long story short, it’s important […]

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11. Prompt Q&A Discussion

Completed model FAQ: Can you walk me through how you did/would set up a model for X company? During interviews, you could be asked something like this, and be expected to give a cogent ~2 minute overview of a model. It might sound like they are asking about the model MECHANICS (and some interviewers might

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9. Model – CF, Interest

FAQ: On the debt schedule, how does minimum commitment fee and interest expense flow through the 3-statements? In the row labeled “Cash Interest Expense” below the Debt Schedule, you’ll see that the minimum commitment fee and cash interest is summed together. It is then pulled into the Income Statement under the row labeled “Cash Interest.”

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