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Quiz: Paper Model

By completing the following quiz, you’ll be eligible to earn a LinkedIn certificate. Quiz questions are multiple choice, and there are 15 questions per quiz. There is no time limit, but it should take you approximately 20 minutes to complete. A “passing” score is 80% or higher. Click below to get started!

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Chapter kickoff

Many candidates associate the paper LBO exclusively with buyout investing interviews. That makes sense, given the name includes “LBO.” However, it’s really a misnomer. The paper LBO concept is now present in many types of interviews, including growth investing! Why is that (you might ask)? It’s a quick and easy way to demonstrate a candidate’s

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8. Case study Q&A + outro

Completed model FAQ: Can you walk me through how you did/would set up a model for X company? During interviews, you could be asked something like this, and be expected to give a cogent ~2 minute overview of a model. It might sound like they are asking about the model MECHANICS (and some interviewers might

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