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Two-Sided Marketplace (SOLUTION)

See here for completed practice model FAQ: In the case study “Two-sided marketplace,” are the fees not contributing to the creation of additional shares? As noted, in this model’s prompt, the deal is completely secondary. Companies only ever issue shares when there is a primary issuance. Secondary transactions, by definition, occur completely outside of the […]

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Two-Sided Marketplace (PROMPT)

Assignment Our firm’s sourcing team has unearthed an exciting investment prospect we’d like you to investigate.  The business, called Green Wheels, is a car rental platform focused on electric vehicles.  It is a two-sided marketplace, with “drivers” as the demand side and “vehicles” as supply side.   To help us decide whether to pursue the target,

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Chapter kickoff

In the lessons that follow, there are case study examples for you to practice financial modeling. I highly encourage you to practice each example SEVERAL times until you can do it without any guides or reference. Yes, it’s time consuming but practice truly makes perfect. All concepts are explained in the instructional modeling lessons prior

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Direct-to-consumer (PROMPT)

Situation overview Imagine our firm has been tracking an exciting new consumer company for a few years.  We’ve been invited to participate in a deal to provide the company with growth capital.  The founders gave our team high-level parameters about the deal and the company’s recent performance.  Your job is to help the firm decide

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