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    Recast Capital Overview

    Recast Capital is a 100% women-owned venture capital platform, focused on investing in and supporting top-tier emerging fund managers with an emphasis on diverse partnerships. 

    Founded in 2020 by seasoned investors Courtney McCrea and Sara Zulkosky, Recast Capital aims to drive returns and create positive change in the venture industry.

    Headquartered in San Francisco, California, the platform’s core is a fund-of-funds providing LPs diversified exposure to top-performing emerging and diverse managers (US-based, Fund I-III) and access to future industry leaders.

    Complementing the fund-of-funds are two key programs:

    1. The Enablement Program: A tuition-free, virtual educational program for emerging venture managers.
    2. Recast Accelerate: A program supporting women- and nonbinary-led emerging managers with educational resources and $100k for fund backend operations.

    These initiatives allow Recast to support a broader community beyond its direct investments, reinforcing its commitment to diversity and inclusion in venture capital.

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    Recast Capital AUM

    At the time of writing, there is no publicly available data regarding Recast Capital’s assets under management.

    Recast Capital Interview Process & Questions

    If you’re interviewing at Recast Capital (or a similar firm), you can generally expect about 4-6 interview rounds.

    Initial interviews are typically led by junior investment professionals or the HR team, with more senior team members conducting later rounds. During the interviews at Recast Capital, you’ll encounter a combination of fit, behavioral, and technical/investing questions.

    The entire process usually spans multiple weeks, unless it’s part of an “on-cycle” or “on-campus” recruiting effort.

    If you need help preparing for interviews, check out my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Why Recast Capital

    One of the most common and crucial interview questions you’ll face is, “Why this firm?”

    If you’ve had the chance to network, this is an excellent opportunity to highlight any connections you’ve made within the firm and how those interactions left a positive impression on you.

    In addition, researching the firm thoroughly before your interview is essential. A great way to gain insights is by listening to interviews with the firm’s founders or investors.

    To help you get started, here’s an interview with Courtney McCrea, Co-Founder and Managing Partner of Recast Capital:

    YouTube video

    More Interviews

    Recast Capital Case Study

    Interviewees often encounter case studies during interviews, which help firms evaluate your technical expertise and communication skills.

    At firms like Recast Capital, case studies typically involve financial modeling and investment recommendations. For junior positions, a cold calling case study might also be included.

    If you need help preparing for case studies, check out my course: Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Recast Capital Salary & Compensation

    Recent salary data for investment analysts and associates at Recast Capital is not available. However, Salary.com estimates that the average annual salary for Recast Capital employees is approximately $98,877. Those in the top 75th percentile earn over $112,050.

    Actual salaries can vary based on factors such as job role, department, location, education, certifications, and skills.

    Recast Capital Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    To see open roles at Recast Capital, check out our job board which features all open roles for them and other similar firms.

    Recast Capital Portfolio & Investments

    According to Crunchbase, Recast Capital had one funding round which was a Grant round raised in March 2023.

    Notable Initiative: Recast Accelerate

    On March 8, 2023, Recast Capital launched Recast Accelerate, a program designed to support women-led, early-stage venture funds in the U.S.

    Supported by Pivotal Ventures, a Melinda French Gates company, the initiative aims to increase the number of women and non-binary general partners (GPs) in venture capital, thereby boosting VC funding for founders from underrepresented backgrounds.

    Recast Accelerate offers women-led emerging venture funds access to the Enablement Program, which includes educational content, professional development, community-building resources, executive coaching, and capital for backend operations.

    The program’s goals are twofold:

    • Resource Optimization: By covering essential service costs, funds can redirect resources to other critical needs, extending their fundraising runway.
    • Long-term Success: Supporting female emerging managers (EMs) creates more opportunities for companies led by female and underrepresented founders to receive funding.

    Recast Accelerate fosters diversity and inclusion, empowering women-led venture funds to thrive and drive impactful change.

    Next Steps

    If you decide to take your chance at Recast Capital, I suggest going through my Growth Equity Interview Guide first so you can increase your chances of getting selected for the role.

    The Growth Equity Interview Guide can help you gain a strong understanding of topics commonly asked in interviews, such as financial modeling and case studies.

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