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🚀 Learn "How To Break In"

How To Get Into Growth Equity

The ultimate guide to prepare for recruiting & interview 

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Acing The Growth Equity Case Study

Learn how to nail financial modeling for growth stage interviews

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How To Get Into Venture Capital

Learn how to standout in VC recruiting & interviews

A man extending a hand for a handshake

How To Get Into Private Equity

Learn how to succeed in the PE recruiting process

A picture of a city with skyscrapers and roads

How To Get Into Investment Banking

The best pathways into this competitive industry


📗 Industry Primers & Deep Dives

Growth Equity Primer: Strategy, Industry, & Career Path

Understanding growth equity and comparing it to private equity and venture investing

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Private Equity Primer: Definition, Examples, Strategy, & Top Firms

A comprehensive guide to the private equity industry and its top firms

Wall Street during holidays

Investment Banking Industry Primer

Understand how the industry works, top firms, and career paths

A person sitting down calculating SaaS metrics

SaaS & Growth Metrics Deep Dive

Understand the essential calculations to measure SaaS growth, retention, and efficiency


Additional Articles

Net Retention vs. Gross Retention: What’s the difference?

Understand how these critical retention metrics are similar but have key differences

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Understanding Annual Contract Value (ACV) in SaaS: What You Need To Know

Annual contract value (ACV) is a way to calculate the annual value of a multi-year contract.

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The Complete Guide to Net Revenue Retention (NRR) for SaaS

Defining, calculating, and understanding net revenue retention (NRR) for software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses

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Everything You Need To Know About Annual Recurring Revenue (ARR) for SaaS

How to measure recurring revenue, and why it’s important for SaaS companies

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Times Interest Earned Ratio: Everything You Need to Know

A financial metric to assess a company’s ability to repay debt

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Growth Equity Hours: Culture, Lifestyle, & Work Life Balance

An insider’s perspective on what you can expect

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The Rule of 40: What It Is, How to Calculate It, and Examples

A key metric for assessing software company efficiency

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Growth Equity Compensation Guide: Salary, Bonus, Overview

The first-ever growth equity compensation report (with comparison to private equity and VC)

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Growth Equity vs. Venture Capital: Understanding Key Differences

Learn the similarities and distinctions between growth equity and venture capital

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Growth Equity vs. Private Equity: Understanding Key Differences

Learn the similarities and distinctions between growth equity and private equity

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Growth Equity Investments: Criteria, Evaluation, & Examples

Note: This article is part of my growth equity industry primer series Growth equity investment criteria To understand growth equity investments, first we must discuss …

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The Growth Equity Career Path: Complete Guide

Everything you need to know about roles, career progression, and exit opportunities in growth equity

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Growth Equity Technical Questions to Prepare For (w/ Answers)

Learn challenging technical concepts to nail your growth equity interviews

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Top 25 Growth Equity Interview Questions (with Answers)

The most important growth equity interview questions with suggested strategies and answers

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Top 25 Growth Equity Firms

The definitive list of growth equity firms, by city, across the world; ranked by industry insiders

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Preparing a Stock Pitch for Investing Interviews

Your guide to the most overlooked interview question

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Getting Started with Growth Equity Sourcing and Cold Calls

The definitive guide to growth equity’s most unique case study

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Growth Equity Networking to Land Your Dream Job

Learn strategies, examples, and templates

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Ace the Growth Equity Case Study Interview

Demystifying growth equity case studies, models, and the modeling test

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Answering the “Why Growth Equity” Interview Question

Demystifying one of the most common interview questions

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