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The Definitive Resource For Growth Equity Interview Prep

Why Growth Equity?

Learn how to avoid falling flat pitching your story

Interview Questions

In-depth discussion on interview questions and ways to answer

Financial modeling

Learn modeling fundamentals and how models differ in growth equity

Case Studies

Learn what to expect in growth equity cases and how to ace them


Learn how to get more interviews by reaching out to firms

Resume Review

Maximize your chances by optimizing your resume for growth equity

How we CAN help

Interview Prep to Fit Your Needs

Online Course

Learn more about my interview prep course for roles at growth equity and late-stage venture firms

Free Resources

Read guides, articles, and other resources to help you learn about growth investing and interviews


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The Premiere Destination for Growth Investing Interview Prep

If you’re serious about landing a job in growth investing, you’ve come to the right place.

To get the results you want in interviews, you have to put in the work. This guide is only for those people take their growth equity and late-stage venture capital, or private equity interviews extremely seriously.

If you’re the kind of person who is willing to put in the work to invest in your future, this guide will give you the best possible chance of landing your growth investing dream job.

Are you the kind of person who is willing to invest time to set your career trajectory? If so, let’s work together.

100% Growth

Focused on growth stage roles

Immediate Access

Prep quickly before interviews

Save Time

Focus your prep on key areas

Industry Expert

10+ years of growth stage experience

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About YOUR Instructor

Mike Hinckley Is a Growth Stage Expert, Based in San Francisco

Mike has 10+ years of growth stage experience.  He’s been an investor at one of the top growth funds, General Atlantic, and an operator inside a growth stage portfolio company, Airbnb

He’s helped numerous students to reduce interview prep and make the jump into growth equity investing!


10+ years of growth stage experience

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General Atlantic

Investor at leading growth firm with $86b in assets


Operator at General Atlantic's portfolio company

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Wharton MBA

Graduate of top business school

Through exhaustive preparation, Mike received an offer from General Atlantic, one of the pre-eminent global Growth Equity funds, and multiple other top growth and private equity funds, despite graduating with a liberal arts degree, and working at a non-premier investment bank.

Mike worked as an investment associate at General Atlantic, a premier growth equity fund managing nearly $80 billion in capital with 10+ offices globally. While there, he helped source and complete new investments totaling $600 million, including some of the firm’s first deals in the retail and energy services industries. Prior to General Atlantic, Mike worked in the Financial Sponsors investment banking group at Deutsche Bank, where he provided strategic and financial advisory to private and growth equity clients.

Following General Atlantic, Mike was recruited to join a selective policy advisory team within the Obama Administration to advise on policy issues related to financial markets. Most recently, he worked as an operator at Airbnb, a General Atlantic portfolio company, where he launched new products related to financial services.

Mike earned his MBA from the Wharton School at University of Pennsylvania, his BA in Economics from Amherst College. He is co-author of “Microfinance: The Grassroots of Finance,” published by Wingate Books in 2009.


I didn’t graduate from undergrad with a business degree, and I didn’t get a job at the very best investment bank afterward. And yet, I ended up with offers from my top choice growth equity fund (General Atlantic) and multiple other top growth and private equity funds.

I’ve certainly had luck along the way, but the primary reason I got these offers was my unique preparation for interviews. I spent countless nights dissecting everything I needed to know and doing whatever I could to prepare.

After having worked in the industry, I’ve now seen both sides of the interview table (giving and receiving), and I’m uniquely qualified to help candidates prepare for growth investing interviews. 

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