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Top Growth Equity Guides

Growth Equity Primer: Strategy, Industry, & Career Path

Understanding growth equity and comparing it to private equity and venture investing

Everything You Need to Know for Growth Equity Interviews​

The ultimate guide to prepare for interview questions

Ace the Growth Equity Case Study Interview

Demystifying modeling, technical questions, and case studies

A person sitting down calculating SaaS metrics

SaaS & Growth Metrics Deep Dive

Understand the essential calculations to measure SaaS growth, retention, and efficiency

Wall Street during holidays

Investment Banking Industry Primer

Understand how the industry works, top firms, and career paths


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Venture Capital Career Path: The Definitive Guide

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Consulting To Private Equity (Everything You Need To Know)

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Customer Lifetime Value (LTV) for SaaS Companies

Answering the critical question of what a customer is worth to the company

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SaaS Magic Number: Formula, Benchmarks, & Real Examples

Understand what the SaaS magic number is, and what it can tell you when evaluating a company

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The Top 10 Investment Banking Books Every Aspiring Banker Must Read

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How to Answer: Why Investment Banking?: A Comprehensive Guide

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What is a Superday?

Cracking the final stage interview for investment banking roles

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Burn Multiple: Understanding and Calculating the Metric

Burn multiple defines how efficiently a company uses its capital to create new recurring revenue.

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CAC Payback Period: Understanding, Formula & How to Calculate

One of the most underrated metrics to assess growing companies

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Net Retention vs. Gross Retention: What’s the difference?

Understand how these critical retention metrics are similar but have key differences

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Understanding Annual Contract Value (ACV) in SaaS: What You Need To Know

Annual contract value (ACV) is a way to calculate the annual value of a multi-year contract.

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The Complete Guide to Net Revenue Retention (NRR) for SaaS

Defining, calculating, and understanding net revenue retention (NRR) for software-as-a-service (SaaS) businesses

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