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Decide if Rockstart is the right firm for you as we uncover their hiring process & sector focus
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    Rockstart Overview

    Rockstart is a leading early-stage investor that supports founders who are in the three key areas:

    • Energy
    • AgriFood
    • Emerging Technologies.

    Rockstart provides more than just capital. They connect their portfolio startups with co-investors, mentors, industry partners, and corporations, giving founders the tools they need to scale and succeed.

    Their network extends beyond investors, connecting startups with the wider Rockstart community to foster collaboration and growth.

    With a team of over 45 passionate professionals and a portfolio of more than 350 startups, Rockstart boasts an impressive alumni network with a combined value exceeding €1.3 billion.

    Oscar Kneppers, Don Ritzen, Rune Theill, and Koen Wagemakers founded Rockstart in 2011 and is now headquartered in Amsterdam, North Holland.

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    Rockstart AUM

    According to the firm’s official website, Rockstart has over €75 million in assets under management.

    Rockstart Interview Process & Questions

    While interview processes can vary, here’s a general idea of what to expect at Rockstart, or a similar firm:

    • Be prepared for several interview rounds (4 – 6), typically conducted by a mix of junior investment professionals, HR personnel, and senior leadership in later stages.
    • The entire interview process can take several weeks, unless it’s part of a structured on-cycle or on-campus recruiting event.
    • Expect a combination of fit, behavioral, and technical/investment questions to assess your cultural fit, approach to challenges, and relevant skills.

    If you’re looking for additional interview prep resources, consider checking out my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Why Rockstart

    The “why this firm” question is a staple interview question, and it’s important to address it effectively.

    If you’ve actively networked within the firm, showcase it! Mention specific individuals you met and how their insights or experiences positively influenced your interest.

    To build your understanding of the firm, consider listening to interviews with its founders or investors. This can provide valuable information about their vision, values, and approach to work.

    To get you started, here’s a Q&A with the Rockstart agrifood team:

    YouTube video

    Rockstart Case Study

    Many interviews include a case study. This helps the company see your smarts and how you explain things. At places like Rockstart, these cases often involve finances and making investment decisions. Junior roles might even have a practice “cold call” to see how you talk to new people.

    We have a course to help you prepare for case studies! Check out the Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Rockstart Salary & Compensation

    According to Glassdoor, you can earn an estimated total pay of $106K if you’re an Investment Analyst. However, there isn’t any recent information about Associate salaries.

    This figure can change depending on your skills and experience.


    Rockstart salary

    Rockstart Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    Looking to work at Rockstart? You can find investing positions, along with open roles at other similar firms, on our job board.

    Rockstart Portfolio & Investments

    According to Crunchbase, Rockstart has made 234 investments across five funds. Some of their notable deals include WeKall, Beholder, and Eddy Grid.

    Notable Transaction: REDUCED

    REDUCED, a company based in Copenhagen, is tackling food waste with a clever approach.

    They use fermentation technology to transform leftover ingredients, or “side streams” as they call them, from farms and food producers.

    These leftovers are given a new life as delicious and natural flavorings.

    REDUCED uses vegetables that wouldn’t meet supermarket standards due to size or appearance, reducing food waste while creating flavorful broths and sauces.

    Their offerings extend beyond vegetables, with broths made from “retired” laying hens, providing a unique and sustainable use for these animals.

    Over 100 food service businesses currently use their products, and they collaborate with leading food ingredient suppliers to bring their flavorful solutions to manufacturers.

    In April 2024, REDUCED secured €6 million funding from Rockstart and EIFO, as well as Novo Holdings and Einar Willumsen.

    Next Steps

    Before you head into your interviews, consider checking out my Growth Equity Interview Guide

    It dives deep into common interview topics like financial modeling and case studies, helping you feel confident and prepared.

    Ready to start learning? Check it out!


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