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"Simply put, this was critical in helping me land my job at KKR Growth! Highly recommend."

Helga Gutmane
KKR Growth, Pre-MBA

Course Syllabus

The course is comprised of easy-to-follow video tutorials that dive deep into each topic. Each section includes supplemental templates, spreadsheets, and PDFs for download.

1. Intro To Growth Investing
  • What is growth equity?
  • How do growth investors make money?
  • What are growth investments?
  • A more nuanced view of growth investing
  • Who does growth investing?
  • How do firms evaluate investment prospects?
2. Valuation In Growth Investing
  • Step-by-step process for valuing growth companies
  • Challenges in growth valuation
  • Valuation multiples in growth
  • Factors that drive valuation
  • Cultivating a growth (valuation) mindset
  • Top valuation interview questions
3. Financial Modeling & Case Studies

Financial modeling & case studies – part 1 out of 3 

  • Financial modeling process
  • Basic financial modeling
  • Base technical concepts for any model
  • Case study: Paper LBO
  • Paper LBO example walkthrough
4. LBO Models in Growth Investing

Financial modeling & case studies – part 2 out of 3 

  • Extending Paper LBO to full LBO
  • How are LBO models used in growth
  • Growth modeling vs. LBO modeling
  • Case study: LBO model
5. Growth-Specific Financial Modeling

Financial modeling & case studies – part 3 out of 3 

  • Growth modeling vs. LBO modeling
  • Pre-money vs. post-money
  • Minority investments + rollover stakes
  • Primary vs. secondary proceeds
  • Employee option pools
  • Projecting revenue growth
  • SaaS ARR waterfalls & cohort analysis
  • SaaS cash flow & accounting
  • Unit economics – LTV, CAC, and SaaS metrics
  • Net operating losses (“NOLs”)
  • Entry vs. exit valuations
  • IPO exits vs. acquisitions
  • Liquidation preference
6. Mock Cold Call NEW!
  • What is sourcing?
  • Why is it important?
  • What to expect in a mock cold call interview exercise?
  • How to prepare + cold call script template
  • Top sourcing and cold call interview questions
  • Mock cold call case study
  • Example walkthrough
7. Market Thesis NEW!
  • Why prepare a market thesis?
  • What growth firms are looking for?
  • Common mistakes
  • Case study: Insight Partners
  • Market thesis template
  • Idea generation
  • Finding and vetting private company prospects
  • Example walkthrough, step-by-step 

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What Past Students Say


"Invaluable modeling prep, especially learning how growth models differ from private equity models"
Tim Blomfield photo
Tim Blomfield
Lock8 Partners, Post-MBA


"Super helpful for learning how to think like a growth investor. Couldn’t have done it without your help!"
Image of intern
VC Growth Fund, Intern


"Tremendously helpful in my journey to secure a growth equity role post-MBA as a career switcher"
Headshot of Felix Duan
Princeville Capital, Post-MBA


"No one else provides the same breadth of high-quality, growth-focused resources out there"
Consultant image
Former Consultant
Stealth Growth Fund in London, Pre-MBA


"I recently landed an offer in a growth equity fund and your interview questions really helped, especially the 3M framework"
Headshot of analyst
Mid-Market Growth Fund, Analyst


"I literally tried 5 other sites. This was by far the best; from CV review, to technical + fit question prep!"
Hedge fund investor headshot
Former Investor
Growth @ Sovereign Wealth Fund

Designed for Roles Across the Growth Landscape

I’ve studied the interview process at the top firms, so I can cover exactly what you need to know.

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Firms focusing exclusively on growth stage investments

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Private equity, hedge funds, and other investors focused on growth

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Early stage firms raising dedicated, late stage growth funds

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About Your instructor

Mike Hinckley Is a Growth Stage Expert, Based in San Francisco

10+ years of growth stage experience

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General Atlantic

Investor at leading growth firm with $86b in assets

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Operator at General Atlantic's portfolio company​

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100% Money Back Guarantee




100% Money Back Guarantee

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100% Money Back Guarantee

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered below, feel free to email me at, and I’ll answer as soon as I can!

The course can help both candidates who are pressed for time (e.g. interview in next couple days) and candidates who have lots of time to prepare (e.g. interviews expected to be weeks or months away). 


If your interviews are very soon, the course is helpful because it covers the core topics you really need to know without fluff, and it is designed to be flexible, so you can prioritize what's most helpful for you. 


However, many candidates who have lots of time to prepare, also enjoy the course because it provides a structured roadmap for their prep in the coming weeks/months.  Also, the course provides the opportunity to go deeper through examples and templates for further practice where needed.

Because many concepts I cover are overlapping, many students find this course to be helpful for private equity recruiting as well.  For instance, I cover LBO modeling and Paper LBOs in the modeling section.  However, this course is designed to be most helpful for growth equity and late-stage venture roles in the growth stage.

The course is designed for candidates applying for these growth equity roles:

  • Undergrad analyst or internship
  • Pre-MBA associate (on-cycle or off-cycle)
  • Post-MBA associate or VP

While every student brings a different level of knowledge, the course assumes a basic understanding of accounting and corporate finance.  If you have no experience in these areas (professional or in school), I do NOT recommend buying the course.

I offer a 100% money back guarantee.  If you don't like it, email me at for any reason within 14 days, and I'll refund you. 

This course is focused on overall growth investing skills across all industry verticals plus interview/case study prep.  I cover the basics of SaaS, but I don't go into a ton of detail.

For those who'd like to go deeper into SaaS concepts (or those who are interviewing with a SaaS-focused fund), I offer a bundle of my Standard Growth Equity course with my full SaaS Metrics & Financial Modeling course. See the "Standard + SaaS Add-On" above.

The SaaS course includes detailed lessons on all things SaaS, including SaaS metrics, cohort analysis, financial modeling, and other advanced topics.  I recommend purchasing the bundle with detailed SaaS lessons for those who are interviewing for SaaS-specific funds or for those who'd simply like to go the "extra mile".

For more information on the SaaS course, or to purchase it individually, go here.

You'll get immediate access to the course right after you purchase!

You'll have 2-years of access!  The idea behind this is to allow students to purchase with the peace-of-mind that they can utilize the course materials to prepare for interviews over multiple recruiting cycles!

Yes!  Just email me at and you'll pay the difference. 

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