The Ultimate Books for Finance & Startup Careers: Mega List

Books on i-banking, private equity, VC, hedge funds, and startups
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Table of Contents

Why I created this list

When I was in college, I was obsessed with researching future careers.

I knew I wanted to do something big and ambitious, but I didn’t quite know what that thing was yet.

The problem was there wasn’t much info out there about future careers. Vault Guides were OK, but I wanted to go into more depth. I wanted to jump into books that could really teach me about what a career in that industry would be like, and ideally, how I could standout.

That’s why I created this list.

This list is meant to capture the top books in each field, according to reputation or to my personal experience.

How to use it

I do not recommend that you try to read EVERY book on this list. Rather, pick ones that

Also, be aware that I would make a small commission if you use a link to purchase one of these books. That said, I don’t really expect to make money off this.

It would make me much happier if 1-2 people email me in 6 months to let me know one of these books changed their life!

(My email is mike@growthequityinterviewguide.com)

Go forth and learn!

Here’s the list

-> Top investment banking books

-> Top private equity books

-> Top hedge fund books

-> Top Wall Street books

-> Top venture capital books

-> Top startup books


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