Why Anthos Capital: Interviews, Careers, & Portfolio

Is Anthos Capital the right firm for you? Explore their track record, investing style, & interviews
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    Anthos Capital Overview

    Anthos Capital, founded by Bryan Kelly and Paul Farr in 2007, is a California-based venture capital firm.

    The firm typically invests in the North America companies that operate in the healthcare, consumer services and products, technology, business services, financial services, and education sectors.

    Early and growth-stage investments are the specialization of Anthos Capital.

    Aside from funding, the firm also provides operational and strategic support to their portfolio companies to help them achieve their full potential and become market leaders.

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    Anthos Capital AUM

    Anthos Capital has $3.1 billion in assets under management as of March 30, 2023 according to most recent regulatory filings.

    Anthos Capital Interview Process & Questions

    Firms can have distinct interview processes with each candidate. But if you interview at Anthos Capital (or a firm like it), there’s a high chance you’ll experience and go through the following:

    • 4-6 rounds of interviews
    • Junior investment professionals or the HR team will handle your initial interviews while the more senior folks take over for the later part
    • The entire interview process can take several weeks (unless it is “on-cycle” or “on-campus” recruiting)

    At Anthos Capital, the interviews will be a mixture of fit questions, technical/investing questions, and behavioral questions.

    Check out my Growth Equity Interview Guide if you need help acing your interviews.

    Why Anthos Capital

    “Why this firm” is one of the frequently asked and definitely a crucial question during interviews. 

    Firms like to know if their candidates have specific motivations for the application – and not simply sending CV to any firm that is hiring.

    If you’ve done networking, make sure to mention whoever you’ve met and how they’ve made a really positive impression.

    Another good practice is researching the firm. For this, you can try listening to interviews with the firm’s founders, investors, or senior executives.

    For starters, you can check out these interviews:

    Anthos Capital Case Study

    Interviewees almost always have to conduct a case study during interviews. Case studies help firms assess the level of technical knowledge and communication skills of candidates.

    Most case studies require investment recommendations and financial modeling. However, cold calling case study may also be required for junior roles.

    To excel at case studies, check out my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Anthos Capital Salary & Compensation

    According to Glassdoor, analysts at Anthos Capital are making $92,318 per year. This figure represents the median and can still vary depending on several factors such as your experience, education, and skills. No recent data for associate hires.


    Anthos Capital salary

    Anthos Capital Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    To see job openings at Anthos Capital, you can check out our job board where you will also see other open roles at similar firms.

    Anthos Capital Portfolio & Investments

    The notable investment portfolio of the firm includes Delysium, Railsr, and Yummy. According to Crunchbase, Anthos Capital has 67 investments and two funds.

    Notable Transaction: DevZero

    Developers often build and test softwares on their laptops. The problem is these machines typically don’t have the resources to efficiently handle a full-scale development environment.

    While there are custom systems to move development tools and tests to the cloud, this approach is not within reach of smaller companies.

    DevZero, founded by a former Uber engineer, has created a system that allows developers to build and test code in the cloud, removing the resource burden from their local laptop and saving so much time spent on waiting for builds locally.

    On January 24, 2023, DevZero raised $26 million in funding, with Anthos Capital leading the Series A round, and Foundation Capital on the Seed round.

    Debo Ray, co-founder and CEO of DevZero, said that he aims to simplify the development process for engineers, while allowing them to utilize any tools to make that happen.

    Next Steps

    Interested in applying at Anthos Capital? Before you do, make sure to check out my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

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