Why Partners Group: Interviews, Careers, & Portfolio

Learn more about Partners Group and understand why this firm is a good choice for aspiring investors
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    Partners Group Overview

    Partners Group is an independent private equity firm that specializes in private markets.

    Since its founding, the firm has already invested more than $200 billion in private debt, private equity, private infrastructures, and private real estate on behalf of their clients worldwide. Thematic investing is Partners Group’s proprietary and systematic approach when identifying investment opportunities for clients.

    As of 2021, Partners Group took the fifth spot of the world’s most-valuable publicly listed private markets firm by market capitalization.

    Partners Group was established by Alfred Gantner, Marcel Erni, and Urs Wietlisbach by 1996. Currently, the firm’s headquarters is located in Baar, Switzerland.

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    Partners Group AUM

    Based on the most recent regulatory filings, Partners Group has $21.4 billion in assets under management as of March 31, 2023.

    Partners Group Interview Process & Questions

    Interviews at Partners Group (or similar firms) can be different for everyone, but here’s a general idea:

    • You might go through 4-6 rounds of interviews.
    • Initial interviews are usually done by junior folks or the HR team, while the later ones involve more senior people.
    • The whole process usually takes a few weeks, unless it’s “on-cycle” or “on-campus” recruiting.

    In Partners Group interviews, be ready for a mix of questions. They’ll ask fit questions, behavioral questions, and technical/investment-related questions.

    If you’re getting ready for interviews and could use some help, take a look at my Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    Why Partners Group

    “Why this firm” is a common question in interviews. Interviewers want to know if you have a good reason for picking their company, rather than just applying to any investment firm with job openings.

    If you’ve talked to people who used to or still work there, now’s the right time to mention them. Share how they’ve left a positive impression on you.

    Listen to interviews with the company’s founders, leaders, and investors. This helps you understand more about them and come up with an answer to “why this company” that’s meaningful and stands out.

    Check out this video of Partners Group Chairman, Steffen Meister:

    YouTube video

    More interview

    Partners Group Case Study

    Companies such as Partners Group want candidates who have technical know-how and can communicate well. To assess these important qualities, they often use case studies. That’s why it’s a good idea to get ready for case studies since they’re a common part of interviews.

    Typically, case studies at companies like Partners Group involve tasks like financial modeling and making investment recommendations. But for junior positions, you might also encounter a cold-calling case study.

    If you’re unsure how to best prepare for case studies, my Growth Equity Interview Guide can help.

    Partners Group Salary & Compensation

    According to Glassdoor, the estimated annual salary for Analysts at Partners Group is $109,812 while for Associates, it’s $128,938 per year. The numbers may differ based on your qualifications, experience level, and how well you perform.


    Partners Group salary


    Partners Group salary

    From other publicly available sources, recent associates have earned $135,000 per year, while there’s no recent data for analyst hires.

    Partners Group salary

    Partners Group Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    If you like to see open positions at Partners Group, go to our job board where we also feature open roles for other similar firms.

    Partners Group Portfolio & Investments

    According to Crunchbase, Partners Group has already made 51 investments across 10 funds. Some of the firm’s notable deals include Climeworks, Precisely, and VelocityEHS.

    Notable Transaction: Sirion

    SirionLabs helps top businesses around the world contract smarter.

    Using artificial intelligence uniquely connected throughout the whole contract lifecycle, SirionLabs’ highly configurable and easy to use Smarter Contracting platform brings together procurement, sales, legal, and business teams to author more robust contracts – improving risk management and relationships.

    In May 2022, SirionLabs secured $85 million in Series D funding led by Partners group – with participation from Tiger Global, Avatar Growth Capital, and Sequoia Capital India.

    This brings the total investment raised by SirionLabs to $157M – an important milestone for them since their founding in 2012.

    The funds will enable the Company to keep on expanding their leadership position in the enterprise CLM market.

    Next Steps

    Getting a finance job, especially at firms like Partners Group, means you need to shine in interviews. That’s why I made the Growth Equity Interview Guide.

    This online course helps you get really good at important stuff that often comes up in interviews, like case studies, valuation, financial modeling, and more. If you want to do great in your interviews, learn a lot, and feel confident, check out the course.


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