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Get an overview of Stripes’ interview process, salary and compensation, and investment portfolio
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    Stripes Overview

    Stripes is a firm that provides private equity and venture capital investments to software and consumer businesses.

    They help these firms:

    • Receive strategic guidance and connections so they can expand into new markets or improve the existing ones
    • Build A-teams and improve productivity through recruitment and culture-enhancing strategies
    • Optimize product delivery through streamlined workflows, practices, and technology
    • Get access to potential partners so they can get financing and expand their businesses

    The firm is based in Manhattan, New York, founded in 2008 by Ken Fox.

    Prior to forming Stripes, Ken was a Co-Founder and Managing Director with Internet Capital Group and also the Director at Safeguard Scientifics, Inc. and TL Ventures. He’s a co-founder of A10 Capital as well.

    Stripes Logo

    Stripes AUM

    As of March 31, 2022, Stripes reportedly has $8.3 billion worth of assets under management based on the most recent regulatory filings.

    Stripes Interview Process & Questions

    The interview processes for investment firms may vary for each candidate, but for Stripes and similar firms, the typical interview experience can look like the following:

    • Around 4-6 rounds of interviews
    • Junior investment professionals take charge of initial interviews, then the senior staff take over for the later rounds of interview
    • This process could take several weeks, unless it’s an on-cycle or on-campus recruiting event.

    You can expect a mix of fit, technical, investing, and behavioral questions during your interview at Stripes.

    Feel free to check out my Growth Equity Interview Guide if you need help getting ready for interviews.

    Why Stripes

    “Why this firm” is arguably the frequently asked question in any investment firm interview.

    If you’ve made connections with Stripes’ employees, this is the right opportunity to mention your positive encounters with them including the good things they said about the firm.

    It can also help a lot if you could learn more about the firm and see how they talk about themselves. For this, I suggest listening to interviews of leadership and management teams at the firm.

    For example, here’s an engaging interview with Christopher Carey, Principal at Stripes:

    YouTube video

    Stripes Case Study

    Case studies are a common feature of the interview process for investment firms like Stripes. That’s because case studies serve as a means for these firms to check if you have the technical knowledge and communication skills for the position you’re applying for.

    At Stripes (and similar firms), most case studies focus on financial modeling and investment recommendations. Cold calling can also be conducted for junior roles.

    Check out our Growth Equity Interview Guide for more information about case study preparation.

    Stripes Salary & Compensation

    At Stripes, you can make around $195,115 per year if you’re an Associate, and around $158,464 per year if you’re an Analyst.

    Of course, these figures may vary depending on the candidate’s qualifications and experience.


    Stripes Salary


    Stripes Salary

    Based on other publicly available data, recent Analysts have earned salaries of $70,000 per year, while there is no recent data for Associates.

    Stripes Salary

    Stripes Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    If you want to know about open positions at Stripes and similar firms, go to our job board to view all available roles.

    Stripes Portfolio & Investments

    Stripes has an impressive portfolio, with 117 investments across three funds. Some of the businesses they’ve had notable deals with include On Running, Upwork, and Monday.com.

    • On Running is an athletic shoe and sportswear company that’s popular among runners across the globe for its innovative technology and comfortable design.
    • Upwork provides a platform for freelancers and business owners to connect with each other and work together remotely.
    • Monday.com is one of the best work management spaces with its all-in-one platform.

    Notable Transaction: Udemy

    Back in 2015, the online education marketplace, Udemy, raised over $65 million in a Series D funding. Stripes led the said investment together with Norwest Venture Partners and Insight Venture Partners.

    The investors wanted to support Udemy’s goal to provide accessible education to people from all around the world which would equip them with the right skills they need to advance in their professions.

    Due to this investment, Udemy boosted its revenue to around 200 percent, and they used the new capital to expand their content library, enhance Udemy for Business, and increase their client-base.

    Next Steps

    Applying for Stripes and similar firms are both challenging and rewarding. You will have to compete with other highly qualified candidates and go through several rounds of interviews.

    But with the right preparation, you can increase your chances of standing out from the pool of candidates and landing a role in the finance world.

    If you need help preparing for your interview, our Growth Equity Interview Guide can definitely equip you with the right skills, frameworks, and knowledge you need.

    Check it out and start learning today!


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