Why White Star Capital: Interviews, Careers, & Portfolio

Know White Star Capital’s investment record, opportunities and compensation, and interview process
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    White Star Capital Overview

    White Star Capital is a multi-stage technology investment firm which invests in exceptional founders around the world.

    The firm operates two funds:

    1. Venture Fund – dedicated to supporting founders at Series A and B stages
    2. Digital Asset Fund – focused on investing in crypto and blockchain-enabled companies

    White Star Capital is based in New York, NY, USA and also operates in Tokyo, Singapore, Guernsey, Toronto, Montreal, Paris, and London.

    Jean-Francois Marcoux, Christian Hernandez, and Eric Martineau-Fortin founded White Star Capital in 2008.

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    White Star Capital AUM

    As of October 2021, White Star Capital manages $750 million of assets which includes $50M from its Digital Asset Fund and over $90M from co-investment vehicles.

    White Star Capital Interview Process & Questions

    Interviews tend to change for each candidate as the firm sees fit. However, when you interview at White Star Capital (or similar firms), you will most likely experience the following:

    • Interviews which consists of 4 to 6 rounds
    • Junior investment professionals or the HR team handling the first few rounds, while more senior folks taking over at the later stages
    • Getting asked with fit questions, technical / investing questions, and behavioral questions

    Expect the whole interview process to conclude after several weeks (except if it’s “on-campus” or “on-cycle” recruiting).

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    Why White Star Capital

    “Why this firm” type of question is one of the most important and common questions you’ll get during interviews.

    To come up with a relevant answer, be sure to mention the professionals who work at their firm which you’ve met during your networking efforts. Explain how their experiences and professional growth at the firm served as an inspiration for your application.

    It’s also a good practice to research the firm before interviews. One of the ways to do this is by listening to interviews with its founders, investors, and other key individuals.

    For example, here’s an interview with Nicholas Stocks, General Partner at White Star Capital:

    YouTube video

    More Interviews

    White Star Capital Case Study

    Firms almost always include case studies in the interview process. They do so to evaluate the level of technical knowledge and communication skills of their candidates.

    Most case studies at White Star Capital require candidates to perform financial modeling and provide investment recommendations. Cold calling case study may also be required if you’re applying for junior roles.

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    White Star Capital Salary & Compensation

    According to Glassdoor, associates at White Star Capital have a median total pay of $126,000 per year, while there’s no recent data for analyst hires.

    Figures vary depending on work location and the candidate’s level of education and experience.


    White Star Capital salary

    White Star Capital Careers, Jobs, & Internships

    View the latest job openings at White Star Capital (or similar firms) in our job board where we regularly feature opportunities at top growth/VC firms.

    White Star Capital Portfolio & Investments

    According to Crunchbase, White Star Capital has made 156 investments across eight funds. Some of their notable deals include TransactionLink, Trident Digital, and Eyeball Games.

    Notable Transaction: Rymedi

    Rymedi is a data collection platform which makes the transfer of medical records easier by using blockchain technology.

    In October 2023, Rymedi secured $9 million from a Series A funding round led by White Star Capital and RW3 Ventures.

    This brings the Company’s total funding to $13 million.

    Other investors participated in the funding round including Blizzard Fund (Avalanche), Blockchange Ventures, and angel investors.

    Rymedi plans to use the investment to improve their data security, record accessibility, and market expansion in North America.

    Next Steps

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