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The service is designed for any background or experience level. Bankers, consultants, tech leaders, early startup employees, undergrads, or MBAs are welcome here. 

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About the reviewer

Mike Hinckley Is a PE/VC Recruiting Expert, Based in San Francisco

10+ years of finance & growth stage experience

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General Atlantic

Investor at leading growth venture firm with $86b in assets

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Operator at General Atlantic's portfolio company​

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Wharton MBA

Graduate of top business school

A Message To Aspiring Candidates:

Breaking into the world of private equity and venture capital is no easy feat. 

Having coached hundreds of candidates into prestigious buyside roles — and having been an investor myself at top growth fund General Atlantic — I can confidently say that your resume is the cornerstone of your candidacy. 

Many candidates underestimate the power of a clear and compelling resume. Why should they choose you when there are 50 other well-qualified candidates? Your resume must tell your unique story, highlighting why you stand out, while also fitting what they are looking for. It’s the first impression, and you only get about 15 seconds to make it count.

Don’t let common mistakes derail your chances.  Let’s work together to set your resume up for success and ensure your resume does more than just no harm—it becomes your ticket to the interview and beyond.


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You’ll get the review back within 3 business days 

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You’ll get the review back within 3 business days 

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We’ll do full review live on Zoom; you can ask me specific questions

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100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren’t satisfied, for any reason, just send me an email at within 14 days of your purchase and you’ll get a full refund.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not answered below, feel free to email me at, and I’ll answer as soon as I can!

The service is for anyone who is applying to buyside roles.  This can include venture capital, growth equity, or private equity investing.

The service is especially helpful for folks applying to junior to mid-level roles.  Specifically:

  • Undergrad analyst or internship
  • Pre-MBA associate (on-cycle or off-cycle)
  • Post-MBA roles

It's designed for a diversity of backgrounds, including for folks from banking, consulting, tech/startups, undergrad/MBA, or other forms of investing.

It takes ~3 business days to receive your completed review, after you submit your materials.  If you schedule the 1:1 live session, you'll receive written notes within 24 hours of our chat.  In both cases, I will email you with the completed review.

The review will include a mix of specific prescriptive suggestions, which you can incorporate immediately, as well as more open-ended questions and feedback that you will need to think about yourself before incorporating.  The reason I cannot completely re-write your resume into a finished product, because only you know the details of your story and experiences.  Therefore, some feedback will require you to assess and incorporate yourself. 

I'm good with reviewing any version of your resume that you'd like.  It doesn't have to be extremely polished or "final."  In fact, sometimes it's better to show me the resume earlier in your process to save time.  That said, consider that the service only includes one round of review.  So, if you'd like me to review future revisions, you'll need to purchase again.

I will record a short video (approximately ~10 minutes in length).   It will capture my authentic reactions and feedback based on a "10 second scan" of your resume.  For better or worse, this is how long firms and recruiters spend in reviewing your resume, so it's important to apply this test when crafting your resume.

It's no problem if you send a couple clarifying questions via email if any of the feedback is unclear.  However, if you'd like to do detailed back-and-forth with specific questions about your resume, you should consider purchasing the live 1:1 session.

If you change your mind, you can request a full refund within 24 hours of purchasing.  However, after this period, all purchases are considered final since it requires time and resources on my side to complete these reviews.

Email me at and I'll get back to you ASAP

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